How I knew I was pregnant before I took a test

I am currently pregnant with my third baby. And I think I know you – it is still too early for the test, but you just want to know…

This is how I new, even without taking a test, especially with baby number three that my pregnancy test was going to be positive. I know my body very well.

1. Your Morning Coffee tastes horrible

About a week before I was supposed to have my period, I went into the teacher lounge and poured my daily coffee with vanilla creamer.  Before reaching my classroom I took a sip, and turned around to spit it out. I told the teacher next door that the coffee was bad today. The coffee the next day was bad too, and the next day and the next day. It wasn’t until around 1.5 weeks later that I knew why the coffee was tasting so bad.

2. Sore breasts

I know your breasts are sore before your period starts as well, but this time it will feel different. They feel heavier, and just a little bit more sore then what you are used too. Also, the relief you seek will just not come. It will get worse, and when you start nursing your nipples will burn with the fire of a thousand suns! So just get used to the feeling.

3.Headache and or Dizziness

Our bodies react strangely to hormones. The change your body is going through while you are pregnant is no joke. I have had slight headaches off and on throughout my first and second trimesters. They can start really early. I don’t like to take any kind of medicine during my pregnancy, so I normally just wait it out and give my students busy work.

4.  Nausea

Do you own a dog? I do, and with the nice afternoon walks also comes the duty of picking up poop. Especially during my first pregnancy I started to feel squeeze every time I had to pick up a bag very early on. As time passed the squeeze feeling has gotten worse. To the point that my husband had to take the dog out every time.  A couple of weeks later I started living off of carrots and water. I have to say -I did not mind the weight loss right before summer.  The nausea, I could definitely do without.


5. You Just Feel Different

You just know. Especially if this is not your first pregnancy.  If you have carried a little one for nine months before, you know how it feels to be pregnant. It feels differently than how you normally feel. There is this warm feeling in your belly and you just know what it is!


6.  Fatigue

You have been tired before, maybe you partied through the night and still went to your college class the next day. Or you have heard a teacher talk about teacher tired – taking care of 24-36 kids…. or running teenagers to and fro all day will sometimes transfer you magically to the couch and in front of Netflix. That’s where you will undoubtably wake up the next morning. All of this is nothing like the first trimester – exhaustion.  I try to explain to my husband to imagine his worst hangover, which will not go away for three months.  You sleep and you wake up tired- you move only to the toilet out of necessity from morning sickness, then you have to make yourself eat…. this is the only way you will feel better. The worst part is that you may be trying to keep your little secret- but people look at you and they just always seem to know. The day I took my positive pregnancy test, two people in my school asked me if I was pregnant. They new before I did….. It’s written all over your. Good luck Mama!


7. A Missed Period

Duh, finally the most obvious clue of all. Your period is not there. Not today or the next day or any day. There is a thing called transplantation bleeding which has happened to me twice about 2 weeks after I missed my period. Both times I was scared to tears, but it was only a sign that the baby has dug in and is there to stay.


How did you know you where pregnant? Did you keep it a secret? Did you just know? I would love to hear from you Mama!



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