The new party in town: the Thermomix

I hear you Mama, you have been invited to many parties: Bags, lotion, shakes, more lotion, cereal bars, baby clothes, mommy clothes, baby and mommy clothes and even wine (ok I will never get over a wine party).  In other words there is a party for everything and everyone.

Today I am introducing you to the new party in town: the Thermomix. A 12 in 1 kitchen appliance that will make you cook like a chef – on Wednesdays, between soccer and ballet practice. And everybody will awe at your latest creations at the bake sale.

Now you are asking: a party for a kitchen appliance?  Yes, now somewhere between lotion, wine and shakes one or a few of your friends will invite you to look at this new magical, smart machine. Let me explain:  The Thermomix has so many functions and possibilities, that it is not sold in store. Everybody who buys this machine will also receive a personal training, and guidance from a representative from the very beginning and throughout the years of owning the appliance.

And this is what the Thermomix can do: First of all, like the name says it is a mixer so you can use it for making shakes. However, the motor and blades are so strong that you can also grind coffee or make your own flour. (Think gluten free, homemade almond, rice, oat or soy milk) Second, as the name says, the Thermomix has an heating element. This enables the machine, to cook, emulsify and steam. Besides blending the very sharp blade can be run backwards, so it doesn’t cut into your food while it is cooking. In addition to that it has a kneading function for dough.  Also, the feet of the blender have a build in scale, so you can measure directly into the pot.  

With the WiFi enabled guided cooking it feels like you have your personal chef in the kitchen who teaches you how to cook.

And my personal favorite function is the wifi enabled recipe chip, that you plug into the blender. You can go to the website or the new app (coming soon to the US) find a recipe on the cookidoo platform and transfer it directly into your Theromix. Now you have your personal chef in the kitchen  who teaches you how to make about anything you want. The website has over 40 000 recipes from around the world. Try to fit that cookbook into your kitchen.

The Thermomix can cook, grind, emulsify, whip, steam, mix, stir, blend, chop, knead, heat and weigh.

Back to the party:  You decided to go to your neighbors house, who invited you to her Thermomix party.  The friendly thermomix consultant will greet you with a welcome drink, and you will probably start chatting about cooking. – this is a cooking party after all. You, your neighbor and a couple of other friends will then start cooking, tasting and eating together. These parties are very late back. Nobody will expect from you to buy anything. It’s all about having fun and learning about the new smart cooking tool in town.  And the best part, the host will even receive a gift for hosting and sharing the love of cooking. If a guest, or the host purchases a Thermomix, the host will receive another wonderful gift. The consultant is most likely another mom, who has fallen in love with how the Thermomix has transformed her family’s way of cooking and eating. (Remember the awes at the bake sales.)

Of course all this service comes with a price tag. The Thermomix costs $ 1500 (depending on taxes in your state). The company Vorwerk is aware of the hefty price, so they are offering very affordable payment plans. (0 interest as of February 2019) Interested consultant can even borrow a machine and earn it over time.

Give this new party in town a try. Get a couple of friends together and get inspired. Maybe you will fall in love with cooking and baking all over again, or for the very first time.

Do you own a Thermomix? What is your favorite feature, favorite recipe? Are you a consultant? What do you love about your job?


Disclaimer: Thermomix did not pay me to write this post. I simply have owned a Thermomix for 4 years and love it. Contact me if you would like to learn more, host a party or learn more about becoming an consultant.




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